The Month in Summary - June

Over the last month, we've discussed a number of topics and begun a number of discussions online... but the flavour of the month can easily be summarised in one word: "Brandis".

Crikey accused Senator Brandis of "smashing" the Arts sector, and listed the 145 arts organisations that would be affected by Brandis' cuts:

AMPAG acknowledged that the small-to-medium arts sector is important and that there are some hard times ahead (but not so much for them):

Senator Brandis, much to everyone's dismay, refused to meet with the 60 senior arts leaders and artists that travelled to Canberra to discuss changes to arts funding:

You got heavily involved in a discussion regarding the knock-on effects of cuts to the Australia Council: 

We all took a moment to reflect on how we would express ourselves in our art, and what we could do, were we lucky enough to be "Funded Like A Major":

And Senator Brandis told us that "The body of people who are too often left out of the discussion are audiences" - perhaps not such a bad thing to think about... but the implication that the only good art was what people already knew they wanted to see, had you hot under the collar:

Our post in support of the ABC (in particular Quentin Dempster's warning of "forces" that were acting against it) garnered an interesting amount of negative feedback from those involved in the discussion. We're interested to dig deeper into this response and work out exactly what it is that people believe is currently at issue within the ABC, what that negativity is specifically about, and how those issues could be addressed without reducing what the ABC is or removing the positive things that the ABC has always represented in Australian culture: 

But finally, one of the other most popular discussions of the month had nothing to do with Senator Brandis or Australia at all - and instead looked over the seas to our nearest neighbour. Many of you joined in this very interesting discussion regarding nothing less important than: how we embed the arts into our way of life?

We look forward to discussing these, and the upcoming month's topics with you as the continuing activities of Senator Brandis and the Government unfold.

We hope to hear more of your commentary and feedback - and will include it in our continuing policy development and advocacy efforts.

Here's to more good discussion and smart ideas - and a brighter future for the Creative Industries in Australia.

Well that's it for June, more next month!

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