Tim Sanderson



Candidate for Franklin, TAS

I live in Port Huon, I’m a psychologist working in private practice in Kingston Beach, providing mental health services to our local community. I belong to the script writing arm of Blue Cow Theatre Company affectionately known as ‘The Cowshed’ – a truly wonderful Tasmanian theatre company. It could not survive without government funding and support. Our wider Tasmania community benefits from Blue Cow and many other local theatre groups in enriching our arts landscape throughout the year.

I am a working class lad, from the north of England.  I went to university in the UK many years ago studying Psychology and Drama and Theatre studies. I became a teacher, a Special Educator and Service Manager and Disability Specialist, Psychologist, Rehabilitation Provider and Counsellor.  I am proud of my educational achievements.

The Arts have been savaged by the Turnbull/Abbott/Turnbull Government.  Their austerity policies have harmed the Tasmanian community and our nation.  Like many people I am sick of our political duopoly and policies which are clearly harmful.

I call for a restoration of Arts Funding nationally and especially in Tasmania.  We are the nations Arts Island. From Mona to Mofo, Dark Mofo to Cygnet Folk Festival.  From our community choirs, like QTas to the TSO.  From Blue Cow Theatre  to TasDance and many many more.  Our community thrives on the Arts. Adequate Federal funding is essential.  If you elect me to represent Franklin, I will fight for our community and for our thriving Arts Sector.

I support fully funding school and TAFE education.  Fully funding our hospitals and GP services.  

I have also worked on Nauru as a psychologist.  Our offshore processing is a cynical political gambit, catering to endemic racism and fear.  Offshore processing should cease at once.   Unlike Labor or the Liberals, I could not ride into our Parliament on the suffering of Asylum Seekers. Unlike Labor or the Liberals, I hold that the life of an Asylum Seeker is worth the same as yours or mine.

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