Celebrate Our First Birthday!

We have just passed the 1 year point as a Registered Federal Party!

With over 1600 members and 10,000+ on the mailing list, after 24 public meetings across the country, 3 state committees, 2 state elections and one great idea to start it off, launched through a crowdfunding campaign, we have our first birthday :-) 

We're also less than a year from the next Australian Federal Election.

In support of that, interviews are underway right now with all the members who've applied to be Arts Party candidates across the country. The first set of pre-selected candidates will be announced shortly after the interviews are completed, and we will be standing enough candidates to give every Australian the opportunity to vote for the Arts Party.

Even better, our first policy paper will also be sent out for membership feedback shortly. It's filled with new ideas to encourage the artists, audiences and cultural life of this country. I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Our two greatest challenges are visibility and finance

We've achieved all this so far on your donations - please continue to support us. Each donation helps us prepare for the Federal Election and makes a real difference to our reach and visibility across this country. If you can afford to, then please donate.

And please forward and share this post! The more who know of our mission and choose to sign up to the newsletter or become a member, the more visible and stronger we become. We need your help now more than ever as the Federal Election closes in.

Fulltime Leadership

Finally, after much saving and planning, I have left my permanent job to lead this party to the election. Giving up a salary when you have a young family and a Sydney mortgage is not a light undertaking, but I've been preparing for this, and my wife is incredibly understanding!

I completely believe in our purpose as a party and it's essential this movement is given proper support. My ability to promote and lead this party has just been vastly increased. If you have an idea about how we can do an even better job, then email me it anytime - pjcollins@theartsparty.org

So thank you for reading this, supporting and believing in our mission. Have a great day and please celebrate our birthday!!

All the best, 

PJ Collins

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