We Cannot Support The Current Australian Curriculum Review

Today the Arts Party called on all Australian State Education Ministers to reject the Australian Curriculum Review in its current form - and implement important amendments before considering adopting it. 

“While we recognise that ongoing review and analysis is a beneficial activity, we cannot support the review’s recommendation that arts education be diminished as a part of the curriculum, for any Australian student.”, said PJ Collins, Leader of the Party.

"The arts are a key part of a rounded education and a powerful element in developing both critical and creative thinking in students. We need to ensure that all students benefit from a strengthened creative and artistic curriculum, not just for those with parents that can afford it - or are lucky enough to be at schools that happen to teach it."

“Literacy and numeracy skills are of course essential, but so is creative and artistic development for a comprehensive education. Australia's students need to leave school ready to be part of the smart thinking workforce of tomorrow, that businesses are already crying out for today.”

In finishing Mr Collins said “Education is a key issue for the Arts Party – We believe every child should have access to the best possible education, regardless of where they live, the income of their family, or the school they attend. Education is probably the most important instrument available to this country in creating a prosperous Australia of the future.”

“As a result, given the treatment of arts education in the current report, we cannot support it."

What You Can Do:

We recommend you email your state or territory education minister directly to tell them what you think of this review.

We also recommend attending meetings occurring around the country, which we will post details about on our social media channels. 

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