We Have Lost Our Election Virginity!

On a shoestring campaign budget of $9000 (probably the smallest of any party involved) and through the work of 28 wonderful volunteers on the day, manning about half the 36 polling stations, we managed to win almost 2% of the vote in the North Sydney by-election.

Despite very limited resources, we completely smashed Palmer United (5 times their vote!), and beat virtually every other ‘small’ party. The Liberal Democrats were only just ahead of us by about 100 votes and the Christian Democrats by a few hundred more. Only three of thirteen candidates got over 4% and electoral funding - the Liberals, The Greens and Dr Ruff, the independent who pushed the Greens to third place.

There is now a line in the sand. 2% may be small now, but giant trees grow from tiny seeds and we now have a line in the sand, we have an election history to build on.

We distributed 40,000 flyers and put over 100 corflute signs up on all the major roads in the area. We organized multiple radio and print interviews over the last few weeks. Yet the vast majority of people we talked to yesterday had never heard of us, before they turned up to vote. Well they do now! It’s clear our visibility has just spiked big-time, north of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Last Saturday, we showed that the Australian people will vote to support Arts and Culture in their lives, once they know they can. All the major parties will have taken notice. The Australian Arts and Cultural sectors must too.

We want to thank the many volunteers who gave up their time to help us on saturday. We frankly couldn't have done it without you


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