Week In Review

It just keeps getting busier and busier! More media attention, more endorsements, more supporters. 14 DAYS TO GO TO FEDERAL ELECTION DAY 2016 

Last week, Live Performance Australia released their Election Report card for political parties and we’re on it! The Daily Review was very impressed. Unsurprisingly we scored pretty well. We should have been scored even better but hey! - we’re happy to have been included. We’ve done our own analysis of it that we'll post shortly. 

On Thursday, Team Nick Xenophon came out with an Arts Policy. Looks like he cherrypicked a bunch of ideas from our website. Other small parties are doing the same thing. The Greens did that too the week before and also had the good grace to credit us with the idea. We certainly appreciated that :-)


Yesterday was The National Arts Day of Action and we had members involved across the country. Still waiting for more photos to come through but here are some great shots from Sydney. ArtsHub made this cool video where we get a couple of very clear mentions.

And all this on the tail of a National Arts Policy Debate! Finally, we were given a lovely endorsement video by Anni Finsterer earlier this week, an amazing actress and inspiring teacher, on the importance of Arts Education. Please have a watch:

So to sum up a pretty amazing week:

We’re undoubted the best thing thats happened for Arts Advocacy in Australia in a generation. We’ve brought real electoral teeth to supporting the Arts in all our lives. We’re a MAJOR REASON for why all this current arts advocacy is happening, probably the biggest of all.

Of course it's not over yet! We have two more weeks before the election, where there's a real possibility of electing an Independent Voice For The Arts in Australia.

We’re still looking for volunteers everywhere and of course donations in these final few weeks.  

Onwards and upwards!!

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