Australian Arts Funding - WTF is going on??

The cuts to the Australia Council’s discretionary funding in the latest budget have already caused disastrous outcomes. More than 400 organisations have lost out from the cancellation of OZCO’s 6 year program.  More than 2,500 artists and organisations will also miss out on the now cancelled June funding round.

Creating new avenues of funding for artists is a good thing, but not when it strips that money from existing ones.

The NPEA in it's birth, has already created more harm than all the good it could provide over the next year. 

Worst of all, the people most affected by these changes are at the grassroots of the Australian arts world.  Independent artists like many of you. Artists who:

  • Create new Australian art works in every form
  • Make works that are affordable and accessible to the general public
  • Are the future stars of Australia and the major arts organisations

Without grassroots support today, there will be no towering achievements tomorrow.

The only sure way to protect the Australia Council’s work is to guarantee OzCo an income in the budget outside of the discretionary powers of the Arts Minister of the day.

But neither Labor or Liberal parties have any intention of doing that, without reason.  The reason must be a political voice for the Arts demanding it.

The latest budget proves again how essential it is that the Arts gets a voice in our politics. The Arts Party.

We fully support the protest on 18th next week in Canberra and will also contribute in any way we can to the larger protest planned in Sydney on Thursday 2nd July. We'll post more details about the 2nd when we have them.

There are no quick wins right now, but it's essential we keep demanding a better deal for both Australia's artists and audiences. We all stand to lose in these latest changes. 

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